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Dendromania.dk Dansk farvefrø forum The Danish Dartfrog Forum 2017-01-07T09:17:14+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/feed.php?f=25 2017-01-07T09:17:14+01:00 2017-01-07T09:17:14+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=292&p=20166#p20166 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • Re: Introductions]]>
I'm Paddy, from England but I live in Vejle now.
I have kept d. Auratus, d.tinctorius and e.anthonyi before, but that was 10 years ago.
I am starting again in Denmark now... I'm not sure how active this forum still is but hopefully I will meet some like minded people here!

I'm currently setting up a 18 x 18 x 24 viv with an aim to to get a thumbnail (ranitomeya) species.
My first question would be, who breeds thumbnails in Denmark?

And I've never been to Hamm, but would that be a good place to buy in March?

Thanks! I look forward to talking with you. I'm learning Danish very slowly!


Statistics: Posted by Paddy — Sat 7. Jan 2017 09:17

2016-08-18T16:27:34+01:00 2016-08-18T16:27:34+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=4853&p=20090#p20090 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • Trouble with materials and...language!]]> help me out here:

I'm planning a paludarium (20 cm of water and 30 cm aerial) with a DYI background. From what I read, a common approach is to build the background with polyurethane foam, and then cover it with some strong material. This is where my problems start, because 1) I have no experience of building materials, 2) I surely want something non toxic (but I will not have dendrobates in the tank, only a few fishes!), 3) my knowledge of danish seriously limits my ability to choose the correct product in this market.

So: from what I read, the most common materials people use to cover the settled polyurethane foam are: grout (is that mørtel in danish??), cement, and even tile glue. Talking with the staff at Bauhaus, they said mørtel (grout??) is not a good idea, because it's a porous material, that will probably disgregate in water, in time, and they suggested plumbing cement.

I also read that some people cover the cement/grout layer with a resin, to make it water proof. I believe this step once again depends on the cement/grout used, and perhaps it may be skipped.

Does anyone have direct and successful experience with non-toxic product(s) that I can find in Denmark?
Grout/Mørtel/Cement/Tile glue?
Specific product names will help even more!

Many thanks!


Statistics: Posted by Maurillo — Thu 18. Aug 2016 16:27

2013-09-16T22:38:53+01:00 2013-09-16T22:38:53+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=292&p=18668#p18668 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • Re: Introductions]]>
Welcome to dendromania.dk, your offer sounds like happy days, maybe we can come and visit you next year, I hope so

Just for info, kristoffer started this forum back in 2005, but unfortunately he stopped in the frog hobby years ago, today it myself and my colleague Mads jensen who owns Dendromania.dk. Simon Bomholt has faithfully be dendromanias super-manage from the stard to now, and we are all three very active and engaged in the frog hobby.

Unfortunately we can not speak of a particular approach in Denmark to the hobby in moments, probably because of the crisis, many come past us but stop again, so there is not quite the same activity as before the crisis, we have choices to keep dendromania running in the belief that the hobby again will top when frogs come into fashion :D

Happy breeding

Statistics: Posted by morten müller — Mon 16. Sep 2013 22:38

2013-09-16T21:14:11+01:00 2013-09-16T21:14:11+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=292&p=18667#p18667 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • Re: Introductions]]>
I am happy to be invited to your excellent forum but unfortunately, you both know and use 'better' English than I can manage Danish - Undskyld !

We just concluded our annual 'American Frog Day' , and this particular one was held in Staten Island New York. I had a great time and there were over 150 fellow hobbyist, most of which sold frogs or vended supplies and attended the lectures at the Staten Island Zoo. I invite you all to come over and visit for the next one !



aka 'Philsuma' on DartDen.com

Statistics: Posted by Philsuma — Mon 16. Sep 2013 21:14

2011-08-23T16:19:23+01:00 2011-08-23T16:19:23+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=3403&p=16224#p16224 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • New website]]> www.terrajova.eu Just click on the english flag on top.

Statistics: Posted by dendro46 — Tue 23. Aug 2011 16:19

2008-07-22T20:59:06+01:00 2008-07-22T20:59:06+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=292&p=9488#p9488 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • ]]>
welcome to the danish dartfrog community!
Most of the forum is in danish but this section is for you guys to have a chance to communicate with us!

Statistics: Posted by Foff — Tue 22. Jul 2008 20:59

2008-07-22T20:08:51+01:00 2008-07-22T20:08:51+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=1904&p=9483#p9483 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • Tinc from the Amapa Biodiversity Corridor]]> http://news.mongabay.com/2006/0927-amazon.html
i know this is abit old now but do we know any more about this stunning frog is this the only pic of this morph has it been given a common name yet or any other info on this frog


Statistics: Posted by hooky87 — Tue 22. Jul 2008 20:08

2008-07-22T20:05:30+01:00 2008-07-22T20:05:30+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=292&p=9482#p9482 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • ]]>
im matt from birmingham england I look forward to exchange knowledge on this forum


Statistics: Posted by hooky87 — Tue 22. Jul 2008 20:05

2008-07-22T20:01:44+01:00 2008-07-22T20:01:44+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=1632&p=9480#p9480 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • ]]>

Statistics: Posted by hooky87 — Tue 22. Jul 2008 20:01

2008-04-01T22:34:53+01:00 2008-04-01T22:34:53+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=1632&p=7981#p7981 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • ]]> Simon, I was pretty sure they are a distinct morph. I'm sorry to hear your female died. It really is a shame that they are so hard to find now. They are absolutely stunning frogs. Thank you for mine :D I may not be able to breed them yet but I enjoy watching them far more than my other frogs. There's just something special about them. Do you know how many of your's came to the UK? Foff, I only know of five - my three males and another pair, based in the south of England, of which the female was lost.

Have they been starting to reappear at Hamm yet or is it still a bit too soon for the next generation? Do you think there is a chance some will appear in the next year or so? I plan to go to Hamm either this autumn or next Spring and really hope to find some then but I will continue looking until I do.

This is the one that is my avatar but now as an adult:


Statistics: Posted by sandycreed — Tue 1. Apr 2008 22:34

2008-03-24T22:22:21+01:00 2008-03-24T22:22:21+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=1632&p=7797#p7797 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • ]]>
I have always wanted this morph, sadly I didn't get any from Simon in time!

Statistics: Posted by Foff — Mon 24. Mar 2008 22:22

2008-03-24T21:15:45+01:00 2008-03-24T21:15:45+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=1632&p=7796#p7796 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • ]]> It is a distinct morph, and not atatchi baka as some would clame. The original animals were wc, so we know that for sure.
My female died, so i am not producing them any more.
the majority of young ones were sold in hamm, and a few to marc where you had your animals from.
It is actually a shame, as it is a really nice morph

Statistics: Posted by Simon Bomholt — Mon 24. Mar 2008 21:15

2008-03-24T19:23:11+01:00 2008-03-24T19:23:11+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=1632&p=7794#p7794 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • Dendrobates tinctorius Maripasoula]]>
Does anyone know about the availability of Maripasoulas please? My three juveniles turned in to three males and I am now looking for a female, possibly as a trade, or maybe taking a chance and getting more juveniles if I can find them. Have they become very rare or are they now considered another morph? Thanks :D

Statistics: Posted by sandycreed — Mon 24. Mar 2008 19:23

2008-01-24T22:15:09+01:00 2008-01-24T22:15:09+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=292&p=6668#p6668 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • ]]> Great to have you here! And thanks for posting the add for Dutch Frogday!
And great work on both dendrobatidae.nl and the DN magazine! :D

Statistics: Posted by Foff — Thu 24. Jan 2008 22:15

2008-01-24T18:16:19+01:00 2008-01-24T18:16:19+01:00 http://dendromania.dk/viewtopic.php?t=292&p=6661#p6661 <![CDATA[All about dartfrogs • ]]> I do not speak danish but there are some similarity

Greetings Mathieu Woldhuis Amsterdam the Netherlands

Statistics: Posted by mathieu — Thu 24. Jan 2008 18:16